Leading with Service

E2's history was originally based on a portfolio of field services dedicated exclusively to providing technical support and services to maximize runtime and performance of our customer's equipment. Today, E2 continues to focus on a simple slogan--"Leading with Service" as our founding principal.

With every project comes the level of performance necessary to ensure that we maximize our customer's bottom-line. To this end, E2's service mission is to maximum runtime, equipment and facility performance by:

  • expediting response to every call
  • employing best available technology for facility surveillance
  • extending services over and above the contract language
  • continuous technical training of our employees
  • instilling a teamwork and customer first culture among our service team

Service: it's what differentiates a vendor from a partner. E2 is a partner to our customers.

Runtime: ...is everything...maximum return on investment and the confidence of knowing you'll get smart solutions and accountability every time. Runtime is everything to E2.

"Leading with Service" is not just a slogan but is a critical priority to our business strategy.

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